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The Story lifestyle honey

[Free honey dipper of every size.]

The delicious honey jam is perfect to serve on every occasion. 100% Natural and homemade From ChiangMai. Making it a delicious and versatile option for all of your culinary needs.

  • Authentic natural honey
  • No added sugar
  • Increase energy Refresh

Longan Honey

It is honey obtained from longan flower pollen. By the nature of longan honey, it is dark in color. The taste is sweeter than honey from other types of flowers. The important thing is that it has a unique aroma of longan flowers.And Longan Honey Contains more bioflavonoids than honey obtained from other types of flowers. It has been a local product of people in the northern region(ChiangMai) for a long time.


Lychee Flower Honey

It has a sharp sweet taste. and has a unique smell That's the smell of lychee flowers. The scent is sweet and slightly sour and has an amber color. Lychee Flower Honey perfect for making drinks such as Lemonade, Honey lemon tea.The flavor of lychee flowers will make the drink more delicious.


Wild honey

Wild honey from Mae Hong Son Province It is a seasonal product and begins to be found in nature in May. Sweet and fragrant taste slightly sour taste From various wild flowers Not as thick and viscous as normal honey. Can be stored for years without refrigeration.



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